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Cows, their calves and a bull coming into the field just as the choir were preparing to sing The Old Rugged Cross.
“Cut!” Having to pause mid-interview while some walkers passed by talking loudly about some very personal issues.
“Hold on – I can hear Gareth talking in the background. Can we go again?”
Some of the notable and amusing complications of filming when the BBC joined us on the Skirrid in preparation for Britain’s Easter Story.”
When the programme was aired on Good Friday, it showed a wonderful tapestry of different traditions, old and new, from right across the country. From a group carrying enormous crosses across the causeway to Lindisfarne, to a Church group that had embraced the Jamaican delicacy of bun and cheese. From the Greek Orthodox Church, to our own tradition of the climb up the Holy Mountain, the Skirrid.
As we worship in our own church communities, we can sometimes feel isolated. Small numbers make it easy to feel that we are part of a declining Church. But watching the programme reinforced my belief that we are part of something bigger: part of an enormous community of faith. Expressing ourselves in different ways, following different traditions but, nonetheless, all members of one family. And what we do, here, in our own small way, is really important, not just for us, but for the other members of our Christian family.

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What wonderful Easter celebrations we had in all four of our churches.
It all began on Palm Sunday in Penrhos, where we were joined by Della the donkey, who enabled us to capture more fully the events of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Our thanks go to Clarissa and Julian Fonseca who gave Della a helping hand in travelling all the way from Llanvetherine.
Good Friday started with our walk up the Holy Mountain, as we recalled the journey of Jesus to the cross. In the afternoon Revd. Andrew Dawson led a moving meditative service through the village of Llanvapley, to the foot of the cross. We imagined the thoughts of various people involved in Jesus crucifixion. In the evening we were treated to an amazing performance of Stainer’s Crucifixion in Llantilio Crossenny, thanks to Jeanette Massocchi’s group of singers. It really was powerful, and another way to enter into those dreadful events of Good Friday.
My thanks go to everyone who enabled us to hold such a variety of services over HolyWeek, and who ensured that each church was able to have a service on Easter morning.

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