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It is the second Sunday of Advent on Sunday and there are two services to choose from in our four parishes.
Why not come along and join one of our congregations in the season of Advent. https://t.co/jLHNOPsWue
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Daffodil shoots appear in #llanvapley churchyard
Already Spring is on the way! https://t.co/SrmB3jFBwB
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Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Advent #taize service in #llanvapley tonight. So many people with so many talents all combining to make a prayerful and thoughtful experience.

The first candles on the Advent wreath have been lit today in #llanvetherine and #llantilio_crossenny https://t.co/vxBxagmHiM LlantilioG photo

Looking for a service for Advent Sunday?
It's time to sing the old favourite, 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel' again https://t.co/B9M9pJEWmL
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This looks very interesting and its local! https://t.co/3PKqeiQkjO LlantilioG photo

The December / January edition of our parish magazine (TNT) is now online on our website. Thanks to everyone who contributed https://t.co/FijneS4PQd Services for the Christmas period are on the back Start planning your Christmas now! https://t.co/mt0TvGXnhI LlantilioG photo

Our parish magazine is nearly complete
It will be published by the end of the month https://t.co/iXpXtMdag6
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There is a Ecumenical Taize Service in #llanvapley on 3rd December
Everyone welcome https://t.co/mKTsGUpwWZ
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This is well worth a read
'Finding The Church'
Thanks to @LorraineCavana2 https://t.co/ikYU636T9X

These are the services in our four parishes this weekend.
Why not join us.
A warm welcome is assured 🙂 https://t.co/hObrAIBOIE
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Excellent meeting of churchwardens from all our four parishes.
Services for Christmas and January all sorted!
#llantilio #llanvapley #penrhos #llanvetherine https://t.co/SnMhxB78CI
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Churchwardens' meeting this Wednesday at Talycoed Farm for wardens from all four parishes

Excellent Taize practice tonight
There will be a Taize service in Llanvapley Church on Monday 3 December at 7.30
This will be an ecumenical service - everyone welcome

There is no service in Llantilio this morning https://t.co/FXxfwAnpw5 LlantilioG photo

This new book by Lorraine Cavanagh promises to be a very interesting read https://t.co/Ku1611d1v4 LlantilioG photo

Llantilio Bell Ringers are proud to be ringing the bells in Llantilio Church on Sunday https://t.co/LqDjBeqYUw LlantilioG photo
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From The Vicarage

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Music & Drama Festival

Music & Drama Festival

The Llantilio Crossenny Festival of Music and Drama is an annual event which takes place in May.

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