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Church Services

All churches are closed and services cancelled for the time being.

A Message from Revd Dave Roberts (Chaplin in the Aneurin Bevan Health Board) for Easter 7 May 24th 2020

Our parish magazine is nearly complete but plenty of space in our digital version for late contributions https://t.co/PUxTOPVQ8D LlantilioG photo

‘Relax’, ‘chill out’, put your feet up. What is wrong with pampering myself?
Sunday is the 7th Sunday after Easter and thanks to Revd Dave Roberts for providing our message. This is available to download on the home page of our website.

Following repairs to the ceiling, St Mabli's Church in #llanvapley was given a good old fashioned clean and polish and is ready to hold services when it is safe to do so. https://t.co/crRz8fs5wA LlantilioG photo

17th May is the 6th Sunday after Easter
A message for this Sunday can be found on the home page of our website.

Repairing a ceiling is never easy, especially in a church! #llanvapley
Thanks to Nathan Marsh who is using traditional methods to ensure our church is safe to reopen whenever it is safe to do so. https://t.co/WCKl86OpEB
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Tomorrow is Easter 5 and there is a message from Revd. Heidi on our website.

Our churches are closed but they are still being maintained and kept safe.
Thanks to @GPRuralCrime for your help and support https://t.co/DqBL4CH9F1
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VE celebrations will be muted in our four parishes and beyond today. However, it is good to be able to recount the celebrations which took place in 1945. The following account took place in Bournemouth and was written by a Penrhos resident. #VEDayAtHome https://t.co/ToYulWnjFJ LlantilioG photo

@CaerwentEvans That is interesting David. Do you have a picture of your father? I am not sure I know anything about him or his work in Llanvapley.

Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE Day #VEDay75
Doris Evans from Llanvapley still remembers that day which she celebrated with her late husband, Tony and his friend Reg who were in Bomber Command
If you live in the four parishes we would love to hear your memories of that day https://t.co/Sw1uBR3Dl9
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St Mabli's Church in Llanvapley is delighted to receive this letter from Bishop Cherry today.
Thank you for your support and leadership. https://t.co/8eYTjUB2Ts
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The sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Easter is available now on Youtube

The May edition of our parish magazine is now available on our website
Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Here is an interesting story which will appear in our next parish magazine which will appear on Thursday
You can hear the duet here https://t.co/ONS9FSUKeX https://t.co/hXbkWq7YLC
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Today is the third Sunday after Easter and you can read our parish message on our website.

Enterprise in Lockdown Llanvetherine - Crabtree Catering do cashless really socially-distant takeaways for Saturday night. Served on a trolley. By Appointment. Brilliant! https://t.co/H64nSI5A6n LlantilioG photo

The front cover of our parish magazine is complete but there is still plenty of time to submit your news and views from all four corners of our church group. https://t.co/7xvKK06rtX LlantilioG photo

Sunday is the second Sunday of Easter
We have a message for this day on our website

A Rural Easter Vigil - the sun sets when all the world seems so quiet.
Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!
https://t.co/0MdZQfVUum https://t.co/mRGa1h4LK2
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From the Vicarage

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