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Church Services

All churches are closed and services cancelled for the time being.
A prayer for our current predicament:

Lord Jesus, who in your earthly life bore our grief and carried our sorrows, stand with us, we pray, in our fear, distress and uncertainty.  Draw near to all who are suffering; strengthen those who care for them; and guide those involved in research.  Lead us all, through the depths of the cross, to the height and joy of resurrection.   Amen.

Q. Why has Andrew been out on his Veg Patch? A. He's been reading Lorraine's blog https://t.co/ikYU636T9X https://t.co/JH0PKEusrv LlantilioG photo

The April edition of The New Times
The parish magazine for the four churches in our group is now online
The title of the magazine is rather appropriate for these difficult times!

The April edition of The New Times is due to be published by the end of the month https://t.co/R4SBxYfoTT LlantilioG photo

It is a lovely day in our four parishes and the church and churchyard are still open. Please stay safe and follow social distancing guidelines.
If you haven't watched Revd. Dawson's Mothering Sunday sermon it is still available on our website.
https://t.co/B5fSPB1Wdt https://t.co/zWdXI26xh5
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Do you have any news, announcements, pictures, stories or reports for the April edition of The New Times?

An interesting and thoughtful piece which is worth reading and sharing https://t.co/BRyyMu5puX LlantilioG photo

No services in Penrhos and Llanvapley on Mothering Sunday
Our church buildings are still open as places of prayer and contemplation – please ensure you follow government advice https://t.co/wX9AI4OgrJ
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In light of the announcements made by the government on March 16 further advice and information has been published on our website.

An important message to everyone in our four parishes has been published on our website.

Llanvapley Church were delighted to support Zane Charity at its service on 8 March
Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously. Over £140 was raised.

Llanvapley Churchyard has had its grass mown for the first time in 2020 ahead of the service on Sunday
Thanks to Dai the Mower https://t.co/kXE7zxv8rt
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The new organ in Llanvetherine is given the seal of approval after being test driven after the service on St David's Day https://t.co/6OnOFrpOSU LlantilioG photo

Printed copies of our parish magazine are given out free in our four parishes. Thanks go to a local business which prints them for us free. It is great to have such support for our churches in our communities. https://t.co/04AvZiaYn4 LlantilioG photo

The March edition of The New Times will be published by the end of the week https://t.co/CKKwVMTnsw LlantilioG photo

Beautiful crocuses as far your gaze can see in Penrhos Churchyard this Sunday morning - worth a visit! https://t.co/3ZEfAEllzU LlantilioG photo

Welcome and good luck to our neighbours at the Red Hart #llanvapley
Opening night is tonight at 7pm https://t.co/k6Lp4VXF14
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Looking for something new to try?
Why not try church bell ringing!
Llantilio bell ringers have a monthly session which is ideal for anyone who is learning.
Next session is on Tuesday 17th March at 7.30pm
This month we welcomed Lynda and Nicola who were ringing for the first time https://t.co/xSUBcfOPJw
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Our Taize singing group met last night to practise the chants which we will be singing at the Taize service in #Llanvapley on May 11
Next practice is on March 9 https://t.co/X8HJSILLst
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A letter in today's Western Mail
Why not visit one of churches and see what you think https://t.co/sskmSD3a7H
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Llantilio bellringers ringing Cloisters https://t.co/hOitwRLUNV
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From The Vicarage

From the Vicarage

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