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Services in the group on Sunday, 15 December:

Holy Communion, Llanvetherine, at 9.30 am, and Carol Service, Llantilio Crossenny, at 4.00 pm

Check out all December / Christmas services  in TNT below

Advent services in Penrhos and Llanvapley. Everyone welcome. https://t.co/XfQz22vbt6 LlantilioG photo

Excellent #taize service #llanvapley on Monday night.
Thanks to everyone who came along and helped to make it such a special evening.
Llanvapley's new seats were used for the first time!

Advent wreath at Llanvetherine Church. The candle of Hope was light. https://t.co/Z0ueIIITAU LlantilioG photo

The December / January edition of 'The New Times' is now available on our website.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this edition.

The December / January edition of our parish magazine is about to be published. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. https://t.co/c33zq0dZiR LlantilioG photo

Our new chairs are now in place ready for our #Taize service at 7.30pm on 2 December https://t.co/9I1cA7OpJR LlantilioG photo

#llanvapley Church receives an early Christmas present of 20 chairs
Thanks to the support of the Community Green Energy Advisory Group https://t.co/wYKoESzYVF
LlantilioG photo

Llanvapley Village Hall was built in 1929 and demolished in 1982
Documents relating to the hall still exist including this list of gifts. https://t.co/O2dl4d7RM9
LlantilioG photo

Messages written on wreaths at Llantilio Crossenny on Remembrance Sunday https://t.co/ckR23yRH8Q LlantilioG photo

Sunlit, soul-searching Remembrance Service at Llantilio Crossenny this morning in gratitude for, and in the Hope of learning from, the deaths of so many in two world wars and so many other conflicts since.

Uplifting, refreshing All Souls service in Grosmont on Friday evening. Clear thinking Christian reflections, helpful supportive readings and music.

The November edition of The New Times is now available to read and download from our website.
https://t.co/FijneS4PQd https://t.co/bZcQFSA8C7
LlantilioG photo

Anyone from the Llantilio Group who wishes welcome at All Souls service for the dear departed at Grosmont Church, Friday 1 November at 7.00 pm. Else, do submit the name of a loved one you would like remembered for you - please let a churchwarden or Rev Gaynor Burrett know.

Llantilio WI have this week planted a Rowan tree in Llantilio Churchyard to mark their centenary. https://t.co/sElonqBN7M LlantilioG photo

The annual Christingle service will be at 4pm in St Teilos on Christmas eve. This will be a chance for children to showcase their various talents and of course the children's choir. The first rehearsal takes place in the Church on Sunday 27th October at 4pm.

Firs Road in Llanvapley is closed just on the way into the village. Allow extra time if you visiting Llanvapley Church on Sunday. https://t.co/0e5EB1Ebs9 LlantilioG photo

Our Sunday services on 25 October are in Penrhos at 9.30 and 11.00 in Llanvapley by which we should know if Wales have won! Everyone welcome

There is an amazing concert coming up in Penrhos https://t.co/NmrHGDBcP6 LlantilioG photo

Excellent harvest service in Llanvetherine today
Thanks to everyone who helped https://t.co/DJJV5Hi1hE
LlantilioG photo

Llanvapley Church is holding it Harvest Service on Sunday 13th https://t.co/72sWR55Hm7 LlantilioG photo
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Music & Drama Festival

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