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Services in the group Sunday 13 October:

Holy Communion at Penrhos  at 9.30 am,

and  Harvest Thanksgiving at 11.00 am at Llanvapley

Llanvapley Church is holding it Harvest Service on Sunday 13th https://t.co/72sWR55Hm7 LlantilioG photo

A lot of commotion in a Llanvetherine garden on Saturday! https://t.co/vOPtWrdjhD LlantilioG photo

Amazing Virginia Creeper in Llanvetherine at the moment! https://t.co/xQvS4Du1Qj LlantilioG photo

Wonderful uplifting Harvest Thanksgiving services at Penrhos on Friday and Llantilio Crossenny today, Sunday. Many thanks to all who contributed. More to come at Llanvapley Sunday 13th at 11.00 and Llanvetherine Sunday 20th October at 9.30.

Joyous Wedding for Alice and Richard at St James's Church on Saturday 28 September
#foreverandeveramen19 https://t.co/cewBsZqYSl
LlantilioG photo

Found in Llanvapley churchyard this morning... https://t.co/i3WHv7aIRg LlantilioG photo

Taizé has started again in Llanvapley!
Ecumenical group practices at 7.30pm on Mondays 21 October and 18 November, held at Great Blaen-coed Farmhouse NP7 8AH. Please join us!
Taizé Advent service at St Mabli’s, Llanvapley, Monday 2 December at 7.30

Sign of the times? Found in Llanvetherine Churchyard this morning. It's OK, it was taken home for recycling! https://t.co/YovoQxKHO6 LlantilioG photo

#Llanvapley church is delighted to be awarded a grant from the Community Green Energy Advisory Group. We can finally replace the staircase in the tower which will allow visitors to access the tower. https://t.co/8XXKp9eTE4 LlantilioG photo

Thank you to all the churches which were visited on 10 August in the beautiful @HerefordDiocese
Lots of lovely bells to ring! All churches well looked after and well loved.
Thanks @kilpeckinn for a warm welcome and a lovely lunch
Llantilio Crossenny Bell Ringers https://t.co/6aupIcS3FG
LlantilioG photo

Llantilio bell ringings completed their tour of four churches in Herefordshire
The bells of #Allensmore were much enjoyed https://t.co/9kc73EUWSw
LlantilioG photo

Llantilio bell ringers on tour today in Herefordshire rain or shine! https://t.co/MaKzx25qON LlantilioG photo

Please note that the service at 9.30am on 18 August in Llanvetherine has been cancelled.

Thou shalt not steal
Sad to see solar panels stolen from the solar farm in #llanvapley #RuralCrime https://t.co/UoV9TgcCQF
LlantilioG photo

The weekend promises to be wet and windy but there will be a warm welcome at our two services on Sunday https://t.co/mg5FEfQpSQ LlantilioG photo

The August edition of The New Times is now available on our website
Thanks to everyone who has contributed https://t.co/nIxHfXfYlh
LlantilioG photo

More pictures form the #llantilio village walk at the weekend showing the variety of crops being grown on the #offasdyke footpath https://t.co/neZDnvb6Ku LlantilioG photo

Steps at St Mabli's Church
The scene of an accident in 1906
'Boys don't cry!' Listen to part 1
https://t.co/6o67gncDsU https://t.co/LtC0oX4eOd
LlantilioG photo
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