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Services in the week up to and including Sunday 1 March 2020 :

Wednesday 26 February – Ash Wednesday:  10.00am in Grosmont,  6.30 pm  in Llantilio Crossenny
Sunday 1 March:  Morning Prayer in Llanvetherine at 9.30 am,   and Holy Communion in Llantilio Crossenny at 11.00 am


Notice: New Electoral Roll needed before Easter:  Forms available from your Churchwarden 

(See From the Vicarage / From the Editor in forthcoming March TNT for further information)

Beautiful crocuses as far your gaze can see in Penrhos Churchyard this Sunday morning - worth a visit! https://t.co/3ZEfAEllzU LlantilioG photo

Welcome and good luck to our neighbours at the Red Hart #llanvapley
Opening night is tonight at 7pm https://t.co/k6Lp4VXF14
LlantilioG photo

Looking for something new to try?
Why not try church bell ringing!
Llantilio bell ringers have a monthly session which is ideal for anyone who is learning.
Next session is on Tuesday 17th March at 7.30pm
This month we welcomed Lynda and Nicola who were ringing for the first time https://t.co/xSUBcfOPJw
LlantilioG photo

Our Taize singing group met last night to practise the chants which we will be singing at the Taize service in #Llanvapley on May 11
Next practice is on March 9 https://t.co/X8HJSILLst
LlantilioG photo

A letter in today's Western Mail
Why not visit one of churches and see what you think https://t.co/sskmSD3a7H
LlantilioG photo

Llantilio bellringers ringing Cloisters https://t.co/hOitwRLUNV

Llantilio bellringers tried out a new method last night and did very well indeed
#llantiliocrossenny https://t.co/coLHZ38b63
LlantilioG photo

Take care this morning if you are travelling to services
Services in Penrhos 9.30 and Llanvapley 11am
Very windy at the moment

#llanvapley church now has a new staircase in the tower vestry. Thank you to @CrickJoinery for their excellent work and to the Community Green Energy Advisory group for their financial support https://t.co/KHBCcGVr54 LlantilioG photo

Well attended Candlemas Communion service at Llantilio this morning with excellent bells by four ringers, and dedication of Llantilio WI wall hanging to mark the positive role of the WI in the four parishes. Congratulations to the WI members for beautiful work. https://t.co/tOGLLRXwRY LlantilioG photo

Traffic jams in #llanvapley but everyone is happy to wait! No need for a bypass https://t.co/gjegnjibPN LlantilioG photo

#llantilio bellringers were delighted to join ringers from Llangattock Vibon Abel and Skenfrith at St Bridget's, #skenfirth on Tuesday evening
The church is still drying out after the floods last autumn but the bells were unaffected. https://t.co/Tn5ReRStDS
LlantilioG photo

The February edition of The New Times is online
Thanks to everyone who has contributed
Hope you enjoy it https://t.co/5RvRbPH7Rf
LlantilioG photo

Can you guess which one of our churches this is? https://t.co/74YgdMcTmQ LlantilioG photo

Excellent service in #llanvapley today which marked #HolocaustMemorialDay on 27 January
Thanks to Christine Everitt for preparing a very thought provoking service.

A powerful, moving, thought-provoking, and discomforting service this morning in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, and the Holocaust. Let not the lessons of history be forgotten.

The February edition of The New Times is nearly complete
Any more news for our parish magazine? https://t.co/kcr5ns9WyD
LlantilioG photo

Lovely sunny day in our four parishes and the snowdrops are coming out everywhere.
Excellent service this morning in #llanvetherine https://t.co/fFPf7GC51e
LlantilioG photo

Excellent meeting of all our churchwardens and clergy in Llanvetherine on Wednesday.
We heard that Llantilio Church has become the home for this marvellous tapestry created by Llantilio Crossenny Women's Institute https://t.co/QRmRRtcbSb
LlantilioG photo
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