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Members of our parishes and other parishes in #abergavenny will be walking up The Skirrid on Friday 29th March and recalling the events of the first Good Friday as #BBC cameras film our pilgrimage. Due to be broadcast on Good Friday https://t.co/MLVkg7VngO LlantilioG photo

There are two Sunday services in our parishes on the third Sunday in Lent https://t.co/tOdjSXggD6 LlantilioG photo

This looks very interesting
A date for your diary https://t.co/FQXiKlF5Pa
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Its a windy weekend in our four parishes
Services on Sunday in two of our parish churches
Everyone is welcome to join our congregations https://t.co/3g1AP03t8f
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Llanvapley Church is looking forward to welcoming Revd. Gaynor Burrett from Grosmont Church on 10 March
This will be her first visit to Llanvapley Church https://t.co/yssNVAZ6Ks
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Well done to Llantilio Crossenny WI! https://t.co/FNeMqKAnZ9
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Gwent Fed WI @fed_wi
What a superb competition today. Well done to everyone who took part. You should all be v proud of yourselves. ⭐️👍👏 https://t.co/prO5Yik0t5

@MonmouthDCO Monmouth Diocese launches it Lenten appeal
Contributions from our four parishes will provide help in Newport and Monmouth https://t.co/cUGwJJ8PRL
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There are two services in our group of parishes tomorrow.
Lent starts on Wednesday https://t.co/AjbaqYn39J
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The March edition of The New Times is now available on our website to read and download. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the parish magazine.

The March edition of our parish magazine is due to be published tomorrow on our website https://t.co/FijneS4PQd https://t.co/1X94A5YT1L LlantilioG photo

Thinking about going to Church this Sunday? There are two services in our four parishes. Go to Penrhos to see the beautiful carpet of crocuses or go to Llanvapley if you want to see how the daffodils are getting on. https://t.co/GLmjLPKQId LlantilioG photo

A couple of dates for your diary for events coming up in Penrhos in the summer https://t.co/XsIHE7HDRA LlantilioG photo

Daffodils in bloom in #llanvapley churchyard 'Daeth y gwanwyn mewn mil o newidiadau bychain' Y Bwthyn gan Caryl Lewis 'The spring came in thousands of small changes' https://t.co/70JtxIEqel LlantilioG photo

We have services in two of our churches on Sunday
Hope to see you there https://t.co/ql0dh65LVL
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Here is a reminder of our services our four parishes tomorrow
Everyone welcome
Llantilio Bellringers will be in action from 10.30 https://t.co/nVjtOAW4E2
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Great to see the Llantilio WI going from strength to strength! https://t.co/iFWZKJT6oM
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Gwent Fed WI @fed_wi
Congratulations to Llantilio Crossenny WI the first in Gwent to reach its Centenary.! https://t.co/iklDGRfnOZ

The February edition of our parish magazine (The New Times) is now available online on our website
Thanks to everyone who has contributed
https://t.co/FijneS4PQd https://t.co/SlA4n7Wtie
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What a good idea!
A member of the congregation was found smuggling a hot water bottle into church today. https://t.co/njPVVonh7e
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All our four churches always look beautiful and cared for
Thanks to everyone who helps especially those who help with the flowers https://t.co/L6fuNRsyIB
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We have 2 services in the Llantilio Group of parishes this Sunday
Why not come along and join us https://t.co/fAEp8n1bPs
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Music & Drama Festival

Music & Drama Festival

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