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Churchwardens' meeting this Wednesday at Talycoed Farm for wardens from all four parishes

Excellent Taize practice tonight
There will be a Taize service in Llanvapley Church on Monday 3 December at 7.30
This will be an ecumenical service - everyone welcome

There is no service in Llantilio this morning https://t.co/FXxfwAnpw5 LlantilioG photo

This new book by Lorraine Cavanagh promises to be a very interesting read https://t.co/Ku1611d1v4 LlantilioG photo

Llantilio Bell Ringers are proud to be ringing the bells in Llantilio Church on Sunday https://t.co/LqDjBeqYUw LlantilioG photo

There are two Remembrance Services in our four parishes https://t.co/MVKzcIGczX LlantilioG photo

This weekend Llanvapley remembers Charles Williams who gave his life for us in World War 1 https://t.co/HxaB6hSj0s LlantilioG photo

There are services in Llantilio and Llanvetherine tomorrow https://t.co/irLstub8oE LlantilioG photo

Advent Sunday is a month tomorrow
Enough to put a smile on any pumpkin's face https://t.co/rmjG3d4EId
LlantilioG photo

Congratulations to the Penrhos Village Association on the installation of a defibrillator on the wall of the Pavilion at Woodlands Farm Barns. https://t.co/wKrZlQtC9Y LlantilioG photo

The November edition of The New Times in now online
including this most interesting story from Penrhos! https://t.co/zIoAGHzNlb
LlantilioG photo

The November edition of The New Times is due to be published shortly https://t.co/UHdNfi9Jck LlantilioG photo

Great evening with @ridinglights last night at Holy Trinity Fantastic acting and dialogue
Two things to remember about Gospel Street
1. There are 140 characters in the street and you are one of them
2 'A gnome lowers the tone' 🙂

@ridinglights are in Abergavenny tonight
Looking forward to seeing them https://t.co/GuUva8WMKH
LlantilioG photo

Thanks to everyone in the four parishes who supported Llanvapley Church Quiz tonight.
£286 raised for church funds

Which John Stienbeck novel is based on the Biblical story of Cain and Abel? Which element is released by plants when they photosynthesise?
Its QUIZ NIGHT on Friday 19th in Llanvapley pavilion 7.30pm
In aid of Llanvapley Church - everyone welcome

@KateBeavan Thanks! Your work is much appreciated

Lovely Church Flowers in Llanvapley
October 14
Much appreciated https://t.co/JehiFVo6yr
LlantilioG photo

Busy night tonight
Taize Group meeting and the Diocesan Conference at the same time. https://t.co/i1x93GVfVg
LlantilioG photo
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Music & Drama Festival

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